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AtomX is a closed loop cashless payments platform based on Near Field
Communication (NFC) technology, that is helping event organizers to enhance their
customer access and payment experience at live events.
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Access Control

Eliminate ticket fraud, secure sensitive areas, and collect real-time traffic flow information — all while getting your guests in faster and safer with Access Control.

Cashless Payment

Our portable readers easily facilitate future-proof Near Field Communication oriented point of sale along with secure billing and order management. Just tap and pay.

Data Analytics

Get coherent, unprecedented real time data about your event and make data driven decisions for your next event to maximize your profit and revenue.

Stamp out ticket fraud

Our access credentials are impossible to forge or duplicate. The best have tried and failed.

Collect more data

Our access credentials are impossible to forge or duplicate. The best have tried and failed.

Increase revenue

Boost your transaction potential 6x by cutting transaction times from ~90 seconds to ~15 seconds.

Enhance the guest experience

Create a seamless guest experience that separates your event from the rest.

Reconcile accurately

Track every purchase made so you can assign vendor splits properly.

Secure your event

Protect access to certain or all areas to only the people that should be inside.

Get people in quicker

A single Access Control portal can process 2,500 entries per hour, significantly reducing wait times.

Manage vendors transparently

Have full line-of-sight on every dollar your guests spend and into vendor sales.

Our technology helps event organizers achieve financial transparency by eliminating pilferage at all levels and thus promises an overall increase in event revenue. You can now be completely stress free about Cash Management and Cash Logistics at your event – it is our responsibility now !
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