Eliminate Ticket Fraud

RFID technology makes it impossible for scammers to forge your tickets or “pass-back” their credentials to get multiple people in. Most events we work with are shocked at how many instances of ticket fraud they were experiencing.

Improve Your Event’s Security

Stop relying on humans to validate credentials. Machines do it better. With AtomX, your security won’t have to remember which colour pass was for which day or which area. They’ll be free to do what they do best: keep your guests safe.

Speed Up Entry And Reduce Wait Times

A single AtomX access control portal can process up to 2,500 people per hour. That means people can get into your event faster without sacrificing security. And you’ll have real-time traffic flow information and capacity counts at at your fingertips.

Enhance Your Guest Experience

Donʼt think that your guests wonʼt notice the difference. A single AtomX Access Control portal can process 2,500 people per hour. That allows us to scale to your event requirements and make sure people are spending less time waiting in line, and more time enjoying the event.

Your Event Is A Target

Many of the events we work with donʼt realize what a ticket fraud problem they had until after they work with us and we can show them exactly how many invalid attempts were made.

Easier For Guests To Buy

Our system reduces transaction times from 90 seconds for traditional payments to 1.5 seconds, that means fewer line ups. This means the capacity to make 240 sales instead of 40, fewer long line ups to scare people away and serious help for your bottom line.

We Can Work Offline

Our patented system functions even if your network is disrupted so on-site purchases aren’t disrupted.

Have A Complete Control Over Your Event

With AtomX, you get real-time sales reports, you’ll see exactly what each vendor sold, which products were performing and even where you might be missing out on revenue (which you can correct next year). And since all transactions happen on a cashless system, there’s no risk of vendors under-reporting sales.

Cut Down On Wait Times

With our Access Control system, you get people in fast, and with Cashless Payments, you dramatically reduce the wait times at vendors. Improve the guest experience and youʼll turn your guests into your biggest fans.

Offer A Seamless Experience

It can be frustrating to use different cards to buy different things with one ticket and then have to engage with brands with pen and paper. With AtomX you create a single environment, everything happens through their credential — they tap to enter, tap to buy, and tap to interact with brands. By using AtomX you deliver a consistent and seamless guest experience.

Reconcile In Under An Hour

Because all transactions are digitally recorded when you use AtomX Cashless Payments, you can reconcile your event almost instantly post-event. Vendors are attributed for their sales and itʼs easy to tally up who sold what. Week long reconciliations are a thing of the past.

Complete Visibility Into Your Vendor And Product Performance

Evaluating the performance of your event on onsite spend is effective, but identifying opportunities to increase that spend next year is critical. Every cashless transaction is tracked in the AtomX Analytics platform so you can see how your vendors are performing and which products are popular so you can identify new opportunities for revenue growth.

Analyze Crowd Data and Get People in Faster

No matter how complex your event is, having the right data on entrances and exits is key to crowd management operations. Paired with AtomX Access Control, know exactly how and when attendees are entering or leaving, so you can staff efficiently, get attendees in faster, and save on overhead.

Build Top-Up Strategies and Encourage Spend

Understand what influences Top-up and how, where, and when your guests are spending money. Integrated with AtomX registration and cashless solutions, look for trends and peaks to pivot your top-up strategy and encourage spending at your event.

Pay Out Staff And Vendors Quickly And Easily

Your staff and vendors will be delighted to work with you when you can settle up immediately post-event now that you donʼt have to wait for ages to reconcile.

Find Your Strengths And Your Weaknesses

With the full picture of what each vendor sold, and also product performance across different vendors, you can now establish exactly which locations are performing, which are underperforming, and what changes you can make to improve performance.

Know Your Audience

With AtomX you gain a huge amount of insight about your guests. Not only will you know exactly who they are, but you can identify behaviour trends such as which products or activities certain segments of your guests enjoyed. Identify who your biggest fans are and make sure you bring them back next year.